Q1.What’s the business perspective for the agency?

The agency means the bridge or connection between the clients and models, it providing the whole training services and stages for talent to perform. Besides, promoting and representing talents to work by handling the details, an agency allows a model to focus on modeling and not on the business end.

Q2.What are the requirements for joining the agency?

Yes, based on the heights, shapes figures and appearances, we shall assess these requirements as the basic foundation.

  •  Female Print 160cm above
  • Male Print 170cm above
  •  Female Runway 170 cm above
  • Male Runway 180cm above

Q3. I have no experience in modeling, what should I get ready to be qualified before I come for the interview?

1.You shall naturally and confidentially to pose in front of the camera with personalities.

2.You shall be capable to show at least above 5 different expressions.

3.You shall able to give at least 20 poses in 1min.

(These requests are the standard for non-experience candidates, for those who are experienced will require more details and higher expectations)

Q4.Do you accept walk-ins at the agency for interview?

No, all interviews are conducting by appointment only. Please submit your resume and profile through email or online, our representatives will reach you if you match our requirements.

Q5.I am a model with an exclusive contract, could I still work with the agency?

Unfortunately no, the agency currently not accepting any models with any forms of local contracts {Taiwan (R.O.C) based}, however if you are an international model holding with Non –Taiwanese contract will be exceptional.

Q6.I am an international model; could I apply for the agency? Does the agency provide the working permit?

Yes, the agency does supply the working permit in Taiwan, please submit your profile and resume to the agency for review.

Q7.I am an experienced model; do I have to pay any application fee?

No, for those who after estimated are qualified for our requirements, there is no fee to apply.

Q8.Do you accept child model?

Yes, we do accept child model. Please send the resume and profile through agency’ email. Our representatives will contact you.